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Our original idea was simple - to work with the couple as we would like the coordinator to work with us. Just like a professional and a best friend.

It was important to break from tradition. Czech weddings have tended to take place as if on a conveyor belt, with no room for fulfilling couples’ dreams and wishes. This made us sad and we decided to move Czech weddings to the 21st century and give you a day that will be just about you with a friendly approach and most of all with love. Nothing else makes sense to us.

So, we built Wedding Factory - our "custom factory", where we build wedding dreams and where we want to return the soul to the wedding. Because every wedding we create will be the only one that you want. After four years in the business we have been able to fulfil our clients‘ dreams and it has been amazing to have done so. 🙂

Sense and Sensibility

We are two souls that complete one another. We are who we are because of each other.
Martina about Lucie



Martina about Lucie:

Lucy. Probably the hardest worker and most inspiring person I've ever met. Her work ethic is hard to describe – she is a machine, working not just for herself but also for everyone including me. She is responsible, reliable, sensible (always the most sensible of the two of us) and incredibly effective. Absolutely professional in every way. Wedding Factory would never be where it is now, if Lucy hadn‘t always asked "So, what is our next goal?” 🙂

She is a very private person. The environment she builds around herself she shares with only a few people - but deeper! And when is she happiest? When she finally finds time for herself, with her Michal on endless walks with their dog, or a ride on their horses.
Když se totiž dostanete za její introvertní slupku, pochopíte, jak moc za to stojí!

P.S.: If you ever see her at a wedding, or anywhere else, you will never see her standing still. Not even when she is about to eat. She is constantly controlling everything and everyone around her. That is the reason why is everything working perfectly around her.🙂



Lucie about Martina:

At work, Martina is conscientious, purposeful, hardworking, convincing, cheerful, entertaining and sociable. These are the qualities I admire most about her and at the same time they can get sometimes very annoying.

We are each completely different, so we complement each other so well and we are almost perfect couple. On our own we are strong, but together we are even stronger. I would say we are a sense and a sensibility - with Martina being the sensible one. Therefore, when we say that we are doing something from the heart - it is mainly to her credit. I don't know anyone more passionate than Martina.

In her private life, she is a dreamer, an ecologist, a traveller. She likes to get to know new things, places and people. She lives healthily, does sports and pushes herself to new goals. She lives life to the fullest. She spreads love everywhere she goes. And when you get to know her better, she will do anything for you.

P.S.: Moc mě baví ji využívat jako „zlýho poldu“ – to jí jde dokonale 😀 je to větší drsňák než já a nenechá se tak snadno odbýt.

Lucie about Martina

Others from WF CREW


Our brain

From the very beginning, it is mainly him who translates our reality into online form. He made Wedding Factory what you can see now. His biggest milestone is our website.


Our muscles

Probably everything that Wedding Factory produces for you through Michal - our technical helper, who, despite our unrealistic assignments, can think of a way that it always can be produced. 

Brief history in numbers

The number of events, fairs, seminars, weddings and consultations we have committed together before we hit it off.
Is the year Y. The one when we gave the Wedding Factory a name and started to make this magic happen
1 v 17
year and the number of weddings met
The number of weddings and events that took place under our baton in 2018
1 .2.2018
The day we both hanged the past on the nail and started to focus on you 🙂
Current WF Crew line up

Média & Ocenění

Svatební agentura Wedding Factory v médiích - Lux life magazine - best wedding planning agency Czech republic

Our friends

We work with those who put their heart and soul into work and enjoy it ❤

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