We ensure you really enjoy your dream day with us



Making things stress-free

Now that you have decided to spend the rest of your life together, it's time to celebrate - to celebrate you! Therefore, to enjoy this magical time before the wedding, you have us to help you.

And what do we do? Simply everything you leave to us - whether it's getting wedding professionals and negotiating terms, formalities, setting up a budget, a wedding schedule, or even checking out the smallest details.



You inspire us

We draw inspiration all around us, anytime, anywhere. But you are our biggest inspiration. It is your story that we tell through design, from the first flower you see to the last candle that burns.

Every wedding is in its own way a work of art tailored to your needs. At the beginning, there is always an idea - it is important for us to make a concrete vision that we connect with reality.
Because the perfect atmosphere comes down to the smallest detail.



Celebrate your love

We connect your dreams with our experience. In order to smooth the whole wedding, we organize every element of the wedding from the program, through dealing with caterers and other suppliers, all to create the perfect setting for your wedding.

Because we know that happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. That's what we do backstage - You deserve to enjoy your day together - because it matters the most. And if there is any problem, we’ll make sure you don’t know about it and fix it right away. :)



Wedding with us but without us

You want to arrange the wedding yourself. You have no ideas or you have many of them. Maybe you simply got stuck or lost your way. We will guide you within 2 hours in what bothers you the most. We will give you tips & tricks and find your way.

We will help you at the very beginning or we will fine-tune what you already have and where you are going. We will recommend suppliers - our "heartbreakers", find a place, compile a budget, fine-tune the schedule. We will simply go through the whole wedding under the microscope, pass on tips & tricks and tell you our know-how - what will make your wedding unique. In the end of our consultations you will get our guide - wedding-planning helper full of advices, discounts, ideas for wedding games and everything that works.





The road doesn't have to be just thorny

They say every beginning entrepreneur must make a looooot of mistakes. But we don't think so. We have reached the point where we want to share our successes and experiences and pass them on. Those of you who are planning to soak in a wedding pond we will teach how to swim in it and not drown. Whether you are planning to open a wedding location, a florist or want to become a coordinator.

We will go through all our mistakes with you and tell you how to avoid them in the beginning. We will simply show you how we do it, how we started and over time have built a successful brand. We will open our workflow and our "know how" to you. We will look at building a brand, creating a functional website, presentation on social networks, a business plan, pricing and our own network with business contacts.


When you tell us what you want, we can take it from there. It's not just talks when we say every wedding is different and every couple has different requirements. Some weddings take 20 hours, some 70. Let's meet and find out what works best for you. After the meeting we give you an exact quote for our services. :) The price of decorations and individual suppliers depends on your ideas and is subject to availability.

Of course. Let us take care of your wedding preparations, but always bear in mind that you are the one who must approve everything :)

We have a family of proven professionals around us whose quality of service we can guarantee and recommend to you. However, if you already have a photographer, for example, we will review them with you and draw attention to their pros and cons. However, we won’t exclude anyone. The only supplier we really insist on is the florist who we always work with to decorate the wedding venue and whose work we can vouch for.

Yes we do! (More Info) And even in two ways:

  • We do wedding one-time CONSULTATIONS for engaged couples who plan & arrange their wedding themselves and they’re stuck or need any help or advice...
  • and MENTORING - for start-ups or any established wedding suppliers. We can help with specific issues or business strategies.

Yes and no. In high-end season, i.e. on weekends during May to September, we only provide complete wedding packages. There are so many of you and you usually ask for help with decorations at the last minute. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to come up with the decoration that we would be happy with. Try asking us instead for off-season weddings or weekdays. :)

Unfortunately, just co-ordinating the wedding itself is not possible. An integral part of the wedding is planning and organisation, putting together a “wedding team” and creating schedule so that the day goes by without any hitches.

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